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Front End Developer - HTML, CSS, Sass - Freelance

Sawhorse Media is looking for a talented front-end developer for freelance work. You’ll be working on important user-facing features alongside the design, tech and product management teams.


We're looking for someone who has extensive HTML, CSS, and Sass expertise, a good design/UI sense, and some Javascript skills. You'll be successful if you:

  • Craft well-structured, modular, and clean Sass and HTML, based on wireframes and designs provided by UI designers.
  • Can work with Sass at scale on a large site, and are familiar with tools and workflows appropriate for a large code base.
  • Are an expert at creating responsive/mobile styles that render well at different screen sizes and devices.
  • Can refactor and streamline Sass with a focus on maintainability of code, including naming conventions, modular organization, and the principle of DRY.
  • Can build and maintain live style guides.
  • Have a good design sense, and are capable of implementing wireframes provided by designers in HTML and Sass.
  • Know how to accommodate different browsers and versions, and are good at cross-browser testing.
  • Have some JavaScript/jQuery experience.
  • Have familiarity with the basics of the Mac terminal and command line.
  • Know how to use git and Github, and have experience working with other team members on projects using git.
  • Enjoy working with and collaborating with visual designers, developers, and product managers.
  • Interest in social media and the internet as a whole is a plus!


Sawhorse is a profitable tech startup that bootstrapped its way to success, run by people who know how to get things done. Our products reach a huge audience. We move fast, are constantly improving our products and ship code multiple times a day. Everyone here is passionate about the problems they are solving and collaborate to make that happen. We produce Muck Rack and the Shorty Awards.


Send us an email at jobs@sawhorsemedia.com, explaining how you fit the bill for the requirements listed above. Include at least three links that demonstrate your best work. Any attachments should be PDF, not MS Word.